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Cretaceous Survivor -Page 23- by SpeedComics

This is good.I am looking forward for the next page.No other story about a dinosaur found frozen in ice it is like WOW!This is good.btw...


The trees began to whistle as a werewolf, one who has snooped low enough to serve a vampire, clashed his path with a certain vampire lord. The werewolf, Leaf, snarled as he began to enlarged; an animal instinct within him had awoken to threaten his prey. The vampire, lord noel, spread his hands across to each side as a breeze of fate continued to gather. Leaf took a took a tight grip, a fist that pains himself enough to enrage his very soul. Within mere seconds, Leaf struck out at Norl- the wind scattered in fear of its power. Like a hyena that's found its dinner, Leaf grinned as he separated into hundreds of bats; seconds away from any contact. Furiously, the swarm of bats gathered behind Leaf to form Noel; knowing his lord's typical behaviour, leaf punched the ground below him, sending the floor diagonal and slamming it into Leaf's back. The shock sent Noel forward a bit but he grinned and exclaimed proudly, "Now this is what I missed a manga session for!". Leaf would use his hind legs to uppercut Noel's chin, Leaf instantly clashed it with a head but and kicked Leaf's rib cage, sending him flying onto one side. Punching the ground to fix his stand in the air, Leaf managed to get back on his feet. Leaf began to breath heavily as that blow took his stamina with it, he proudly states, "Lord Noel, you have grown. But, let's see how you can cope with how a pissed off beastman REALLY throws his punches!". The ground beneath him would shatter as he leaped, ground level, towards Noel within mere seconds. Their fists clashed like 2 romN armies, the strength upset the castle surrounding them and sent the walls into pieces. They began to trade blows, each with an admiring smile of each other's power. This is truly how a man understands one another, through a simple solution. Our fists! Soon, the sun began to return to its slumber as Leaf fell to his knees. Leaf would mumble, "Lord Noel.. How would you like your tea this evening..?". Noel would give it a few moments of though before replying with, "As always, from japan <3". With an expected answer, Leaf would chuckle at why he expected any different outcome. Noel would support Leaf with one arm, guiding him to what remains of the castle. Oh, that's one key of the story we missed- Lord Noel rules a territory in the demon world. Lord Noel would cry in pain, "WHY DID YOU BURN MY MANGAS?!". With a grin, Leaf would reply with, "They were distracting you from your work, you know what to do". The palace doors would fall and tumble down the stairs, releasing the first wave of paperwork. Noel would sob while continuing his labour, rest in peace: limited edition mangas.

To be continued

(Thanks Jamie for helping me, and please leave your opinion on this updated version)


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To daizua123
you can tell dinossword about the project for my fan anime well I mean our anime since this is a project that requires 3 people and I am a thinker

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